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Before commencing to use the application SeeingAssistant-Move, the User has to agree to observe the following Terms and Conditions of using the application. Should the User fail to agree to any of the following terms and conditions, they should uninstall the application immediately.

General information about SeeingAssistant-Move
  1. Transition Technologies Spółka Akcyjna [Transition Technologies joint-stock company] with its registered office in Warsaw, Poland is the producer of the application. The User means each person who downloaded and installed the application SeeingAssistant-Move to his or her device.
  2. The User accepts that the application SeeingAssistant-Move is “in a current form” and the Producer does not guarantee its quality, usefulness for a particular purpose, inviolability, compatibility, security and correctness. The user uses the application at own risk.
  3. The user may use the application only for his or her private, non-commercial purpose and cannot copy, reproduce, decompile, disassembly it, etc. or distribute it in any way.
  4. The user may use the application only in a way which does not cause the infringement of the provisions of law binding in the Republic of Poland or in any country in which the user takes advantage of the application.
  5. The application SeeingAssistant-Move is intended to help the blind or visually handicapped persons to walk or to orient in their position during the travel by different means of transport. It should not be used in car navigation, as the element of the monitoring system, etc.
Information and objections referring to GPS and data transmission
  1. While using the application SeeingAssistant-Move it is necessary to remember that the software takes advantage of the information from the GPS system, built-in compass, localization services of Apple, databases imported by the user and from external systems to operate.
  2. The GPS system does not provide 100% precision and the indicated position is connected with the mistake.
  3. The distance and direction indicated in the application always refer to the point in a straight line and the exactness of these data depends on the environment conditions and the distance.
  4. The user uses the application at own responsibility and take decisions about moving on the basis of the presented information. You should not rely only on the application.
  5. SeeingAssistant-Move uses the Internet connection to many functions. Depending on the device configuration, the payment for the access to the Internet or data transmission may be charged.
  1. Transition Technologies S.A. does not guarantee that the information obtained from the external systems is always accessible.
  2. Transition Technologies S.A. does not guarantee that the data transmission through other systems, in particular in the Internet and telecommunication networks, is not followed, recorded or distorted by the third party.
  3. The user expressly confirms that the data read directly from the device or with the use of external service may contain mistakes and Transition Technologies S.A. is not responsible for the correctness of these data.
Exclusion of liability

The application producer is not liable for suffered losses and lost profits of the application User as well as of the third party arising from the mentioned limits, software or device mistakes, viruses, loss of data or improper use of the application SeeingAssistant-Move itself.

The third parties’ products
  1. The application producer is not responsible for the products and components of the third party, which are part of the application or the access to which the User may obtain in connection with using the application SeeingAssistant-Move. In particular, it is not responsible for the correctness of operation, usefulness for a particular purpose and data security. Before using the product of the third party, it is necessary to learn the terms and conditions of its use, regulations and privacy policy.
  2. Should the services of the third party be applied (e.g. by clicking the link to the external server or using the components of the third party being the part of this application), it may be required to give the data (e.g. e-mail address, name) which are processed by the supplier of this service. The application producer is not responsible for this data processing by the third party. It is recommended to get to know the privacy policy of the service provider.
Change of Terms and Conditions of using the application

The producer reserves itself the right to change these terms and conditions in any moment at its sole discretion. Installing the update of this application, the User agrees to observe the changed terms and conditions.

Governing law

These terms and conditions are governed according to the law of Poland and subject to the jurisdiction of Polish court. Polish language version is the binding one.

Infringement of these Terms and Conditions

Should these Terms and Conditions be infringed, the licence to use the application SeeingAssistant-Move shall be withdrawn. The user should immediately uninstall the application from his or her devices. Further use of this application shall mean the infringement of law.

Last revision: 24 May 2013